Hunters looking for quality game have a wide variety of species in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. There are deer, turkey, bear, game birds (pheasant, Bobwhite quail, Hungarian Partridge, ruffled grouse to name a few), small game (rabbit & squirrels), migratory birds (Canada goose, teal, woodcock, dove), and furbearers (coyote, beaver, mink, muskrat, fox, bobcat, fisher, otter, and raccoon).



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Here is the link to the 2018 State of Wisconsin Hunting and Trapping Seasons. Please note that Beaver's Resort is in Zone 1 for deer, Zone 7 for turkey, and Zone A for bear.


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Game Bird Season. This includes pheasant, bobwhite quail, Hungarian partridge, and ruffed grouse.


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